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"Environ's - 12 pest control tips of Christmas"


Environ Mouse Santa



T’was the season of Christmas and outside da house, ALL the bugs were a-stirring, and yes, even the mouse!  

See below for Environ’s Twelve  (pest control )Tips for Christmas…


  1. Check potted plants, fresh fruits and veggies, boxes, or items that have been in storage for bugs before bringing into your home.
  2. While walking your dog (or cat), fleas and ticks may be waiting…  Talk story with others to inform or be informed of known infested areas.  Check your pets before and after your outings.
  3. BED BUGS can travel with you during the holidays. While staying in hotels, motels, dorms – they’ll climb on you &/or into your luggage.  They may also arrive with travelling guests and their belongings too!  So beware…See website:  http://www.pestworld.org/multimedia-center/pest-tv/educational/bed-bug-basics-10-tips-to-protect-yourself for more information...
  4. Close doors and windows to keep out the flies, mosquitoes, roaches, and rodents.
  5. Patch or repair holes in window screens, exterior walls, around cabinets, pipes, or wires with caulking, expanding foam, screens, wire mesh, steel wool, and so forth.
  6. Repair leaking pipes, roofs, windows to avoid wood rot, mildew & ground termite infestations.
  7. Put away or otherwise prevent water from collecting in potted plants and empty containers.  Check your lawn sprinklers for over watering or leaks.  Be sure gutters and downspouts are clear.
  8. Trim or remove grass, plants, tree branches or fronds that are either growing up against or touching the exterior of your home.  Bugs, termites, and rodents may easily get into or on top of your home.
  9. Decrease or eliminate clutter, they make great hide-a-ways.
  10. Ants going in and out of electrical outlets, switches, appliances, and even your flat screen TV may cause damage.
  11. Be sure that lids for garbage containers and recyclables fit snugly and are kept closed.  The aroma is irresistible to rats, mice, flies, and roaches.  Especially pet food containers (metal is best, hard for rodents to chew thru).
  12. Make 100 copies of our newsletter and GEEV’ ‘UM away, they make GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS!
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“Wiping out ants 100 percent is impossible, but controlling them is possible.”
Bob Koide, Pres., Environ Control

“Our advice to other condos (during tough economic times): postpone painting, remodeling, even plumbing, but keep Sentricon.”
Carole Paulsen, president of her condo association, about Sentricon’s dependability.

“We emphasize the Golden Rule—treating people with honesty and dignity. It’s not about how we treat the problem, it’s about how we treat people.”
Bob Koide, accepting the BBB award