Sentricon 2011

Tough on termites. Easy on the environment. The 'green' way to combat ground termites.

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Termite Facts

Dollar-for-dollar, Sentricon is the most cost-effective, efficient, eco-friendly termite control method.

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“Wiping out ants 100 percent is impossible, but controlling them is possible.”
Bob Koide, Pres., Environ Control

“Our advice to other condos (during tough economic times): postpone painting, remodeling, even plumbing, but keep Sentricon.”
Carole Paulsen, president of her condo association, about Sentricon’s dependability.

“We emphasize the Golden Rule—treating people with honesty and dignity. It’s not about how we treat the problem, it’s about how we treat people.”
Bob Koide, accepting the BBB award