Sentricon 2011

Tough on termites. Easy on the environment. The 'green' way to combat ground termites.

Dollar-for-dollar, Sentricon is the most cost-effective, efficient, eco-friendly way to fight ground termites.

Now in 2011, Sentricon packs a more powerful punch.

• Two times more bait — 150 grams instead of 65 per station.
• New high-density, durable bait installed immediately in all Sentricon stations for 24/7 protection.
• Bait so ono termites prefer it over wood.
• And great news: Sentricon high-density bait offered to Environ Control customers at no extra cost.

Winner of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, Sentricon eliminates ground termites with just grams of bait, instead of the 100-plus gallons of chemicals, to protect homes and not harm the environment.

As Moanalua homeowner Roy Ikeda explains, “Sentricon seemed to have more pros than the other (systems). Effectiveness. Safe environmentally. No drilling or worrying about rupturing plumbing lines.”

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Spotlight: Sentricon at work

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Spotlight: Sentricon at work in Ewa

Homeowner: Josefina Abellera
Site profile: Jan. 2010: Installed 32 in-ground stations, plus 3 above-ground stations. 6 stations active with termites.
May 2010: Termites eliminated with Sentricon high density bait.
Her story: I’m so happy now—no termites, no problems! Last January, I found lots of termite droppings in my bathroom, the kitchen, even in the closet—droppings that looked like sand. I called several termite companies and interviewed them. When I talked to Bob Koide (retired Environ Control founder), he explained everything. He was clear, straightforward. I selected him right away. Bob told me my house was the perfect site to test the new Sentricon high density bait. Why not? I was anxious to get rid of all those termites. Now I have peace of mind.

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ALERT! May to August termite ‘swarm’ season

Mark your calendar for the upcoming termite swarm season, recommends Bob Koide at Environ Control. "It's the time of year when termite colonies reach capacity and leave the nest to find new homes and new food sources," Koide explains. See swarming termites? Close all windows and doors and turn off lights that attract them, and call Environ Control (678-0709).

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Why we hire Environ Control every time

• When you know the quality of the work, you go with what you know.
• Prompt proposals, bar none.
• Excellent communication, letting us know what’s happening through timely reports, notices and phone calls.

– Carole Paulsen, Pres., Mililani Pinnacle Homeowners Assn.

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